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Crystals are more than just pretty jewelry. Crystals are powerful healing tools that can be used for a wide variety of conditions, including trauma. Crystal therapy is an ancient and respected method of healing that involves the manipulation of crystals to restore balance and harmony in both your mind and body.

To enjoy the benefits of crystal therapy, you need to choose the right crystal for your needs. The best crystals for trauma include amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and many others.

Each crystal has unique properties that can aid in restoring any kind of trauma or stress including the emotion-based kind that can arise from family feuds, heartbreaks and arguments with loved ones, or loss (car accidents, deaths) or physical traumas like accidents and surgeries.

The Healing Power of Crystals

Over the millennia, healers have discovered numerous energy streams from certain crystals and healing stones through prescribed use and practical applications. Certain healing stones are said to transmit good energy to heal traumas from the past.

Crystals to Heal Emotions and Dispel Negative Energy

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known for its gentle pinks, which are popular among beginners because they emit a calming aura. Rose Quartz is a popular source of energy among experienced healers for various types of emotional traumas.

It includes people who are depressed, have low self-esteem and confidence, or have been left with the emotional scars of a broken love. When used as a healing stone, rose quartz relieves emotional suffering, banishes evil spirits, and restores self-worth while also opening chakras to fresh love.

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite, a healing stone with a pleasant soft pink hue, emits calming energies. It improves the energy flow via the root chakras, especially the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra. It is extremely necessary to open the Heart Chakra to discharge the imprisoned negative energies from previous emotional trauma.

This stone, which radiates the energy of emotional harmony, may be unfamiliar to those who are new to the healing powers of stones and energy-rich crystals. Its warm pink tint is symbolic of its capacity to welcome enlightenment while thwarting negativity.

Black Tourmaline

This revered healing stone is essential for overcoming past trauma. Because of its deep dark color, it can both absorb and expel negative energy.

Healers classify it as an energy-purifying crystal that can alleviate the symptoms of a variety of traumas. Trauma from previous relationships displaces positive, loving energy with unfavorable ideas and feelings.

The Black Tourmaline will ease anxiety, assist in erasing feelings of low self-worth, and provide protection against further implications.

You can set this healing stone anywhere throughout your house and office. You can always carry small bits with you to ward off negative energy. It looks lovely when embedded in jewelry that may be worn all day.


This chalky white healing stone, also known as Magnesite, may go unnoticed by those who are unfamiliar with crystal energies. Its chalky white hue and dark veins serve as a deflector for both the wearer’s own wrath and anger directed at them.

It can emit calming energy while relaxing old anger in overactive thoughts, making it a healing stone for prior relationship trauma. Healers often recommend it as a treatment for sleeplessness.


The Greek word “ios” (which means violet) is the root of the crystal’s name. It also goes by the name Cordierite and has deep blue, green, and touches of purple tones. The Mediterranean Sea’s patterns are reflected in its patterns.

Because it serves as a light polarizer, it was supposed to aid sailors in navigating when the sun was blocked by clouds. Because of this, its qualities are referred to as providing guidance energy.

Lolite is renowned for being a healing stone for trauma and abuse victims. Its guiding qualities help handle and process the aftereffects of previous relationship trauma.

Black Obsidian

This polished, mirror-like healing stone is intended to deflect negative energy away from its user or wearer. It has been used for generations as a cleansing crystal to wash away unwanted vibrations imprinted on the soul.

Like other grounding stones, obsidian keeps you grounded when your emotions try to pull you away. Obsidian is crucial for maintaining your equilibrium, feeling secure in the knowledge that this strong diamond is guarding you, and releasing emotional tension.

It is both a purifying and a protective healing stone. It defends against rage and anxiety while also energizing internal coping mechanisms. It is used to rid the mind of past relationship trauma, such as abuse and addiction. In addition to perhaps easing pain and stiffness in your physical body, it might also help with digestion and cleansing.

Lapis Lazuli

Its royal blue tint connects to the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra’s energy is important for emotional harmony. It is said to awaken inner power, knowledge, and coping energy. It is extremely beneficial in the treatment of trauma.

Its energetic qualities allow repressed emotions to surface, which hinders personal progress. It helps with coping and intuitive self-awareness because it is a protective healing stone.


Among all the stones, amethyst is one of the most calming. With the help of this stone, you can better understand your knowledge. It addresses the energy of your head chakra. You’ll come to trust your third eye more and learn to let go of unfavorable feelings.

This is a fantastic tool to help you move past a catastrophe or loss. It has a calming impact and helps with stress relief and sleep promotion.

How to Use Stones for Healing After Emotional Trauma


Healing stones can help to balance the mind, body, and soul’s energies for all kinds of trauma. Healing stones and crystals with energies that come from beneath the earth are linked to universal life sources.

Placing crystals throughout the home or workplace will enable you to use any of them as a healer, protector, or awakening energy source. You can use small pieces as jewelry, or carried for more direct, personalized energy.

These potent energy-purifying crystals help facilitate the healing process for abuse and trauma victims. They protect against negative energy in a caring and gentle way with their strong healing energy.

Several crystals can be used to ease emotional distress. All of the chakras repair the emotional body as the crystal energy interacts. These gems have a divine energy that is felt by those who use them. They discover inner calm and deeper self-love. They can aid in overcoming tendencies for self-harm.


If you are experiencing trauma, know that self-acceptance and trust are critical parts of the healing process and that you are deserving of all of these things.

You may improve your strength, repel negative energy, alleviate emotional suffering, and unconditionally love yourself. If you’re suffering from mental health concerns, the right crystal can help you relax, unearth your inner truth, and bring relief from stress and gradual healing.

With the help of the right crystal, you can boost your self-esteem and resolve painful pasts, suppressed feelings, and childhood trauma. Bring home the right healing crystals for you from our wide selection of crystal beads at KJ’s Krystals.