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The Chakra is made up of 7 parts of your body that do nothing but work for you as long as you are aware they are there and take care of them. The first one starts at your head and the last one goes to the base of your spine. These are all healing Chakras they help you heal your body and do many other things for you as well. Below are the different Chakras.

  • The Crown Chakra (7th) - Spiritual, Self-Knowledge, Enlightenment
  • The Third Eye (6th) - Intuition, Meditation
  • Throat (5th) - Communication, Expression, Creativity
  • Heart (4th) - Love, Acceptance, Companionship
  • Solar Plexus (3rd) - Strength, Power, Personal Identity
  • Sacral (2nd) - Emotional, Pleasure, Intimacy
  • Root (1st) - Safety, Security, Stability, Comfort

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