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Custom Bracelet


Once you have decided what type of crystal you want, large, small, tumbled or not tumbled. Then you have to figure out what you want it to do for you such as for anxiety, sleeping better, or you want help with achieving a goal you have set for yourself, or finding romance. Now you are ready to customize it, and that’s where I can help you! Place your order and we will make it just the way you want it!

Describe Your Bracelet

These are bracelets that you customize yourself from the Crystal you want and how many you want, to the spacers you choose, and the perfect size you need! Pick any where from 1 to 3 Crystals. You also get to pick the spacers that you would like in your bracelet, you have a large selection and you can choose to put 1, 2 or 4 up to 4. Also don't forget to pick your size you wouldn't want this beautiful bracelet your are creating not to fit would you?


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