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Chakra Bracelet with Hematite Beads


This bracelet is made with the 7 Chakra healing beads those beads and their meanings are:

The Crown - The Head - Consciousness, Unity, Spirituality - Crystal: Amethyst

Third Eye - Intuition, Imagination, Lucidity - Crystal: Sodalite

Throat - Expression, Purification - Crystal: Turquoise

Heart - Kindness, Compassion, Faith - Crystal: Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus - Self-Esteem, Strength - Crystal: Tiger Eye

Sacral - Pleasure, Relationships, Joy - Crystal: Carnelian

Root - Survival, Security, Safety - Crystal: Red Jasper

The rest of the beads in this bracelet are made up of the Hematite Crystals. The hematite crystal is known for its grounding and protection that it does for you. It is very powerful and will be able to keep you safe when you have it with you. You can also keep it near your bed so your room with be protected also. Spacers are due to change based in bracelet size and availability.


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